Letters from Campers

Tennis & Life Camps

From Juniors

The things TLC taught me about line calling were eye opening!
The things you’ve taught me were eye opening! I’ve never been told to avoid questioning opponents’ line calls. I’m NEVER going to question a line call EVER AGAIN. I’ll also never forget to love, to trust, and to have courage. I’m going to make some note cards this season to keep in my tennis bag so if ever get down on myself during a match I can read the things I’ve learned at TLC. —Emily, Worthington, MN
A former opponent couldn’t believe my new serve!
The coaching I received at the camp was fantastic. I played an opponent a few days ago, I had played him many times before, who couldn’t believe my new serve. Also the life parts of the camp have helped me too. Now in whatever I am doing I find myself, subconsciously, saying “accept what you can not change”. —Sam, South St. Paul, MN
I am writing a speech on how TLC has changed me.
I have attended Tennis and Life Camps for the past three years. I am doing a speech for my English class right now and the topic I have chosen is how Tennis and Life has changed me and how much I have learned from it. I know TLC stands for Tennis and Life Camps. However I am unable to remember the other three words for which it stands. Can you refresh my memory? (“T” stands for trust, “L” for love, and “C” for courage.) —Gabrielle, LaCrosse, WI
TLC was truly an incredible experience!
I just wanted to thank you for the amazing camp last week. It was truly an incredible experience. I regret putting off coming for so many years because I now know how much better of a person and player I could have become. Hearing all the stories was one of my favorite parts of camp. It gave me a new perspective and it was great! Every single instructor there was wonderful. They were upbeat and positive, and made me feel welcome. It made the atmosphere so much better! My new serve is awesome and coming along with lots of practice:). However, I learned more then just tennis skills at your camp. I have a new outlook on tennis and I’m super excited for my season to start in two weeks to try it out. —Annie, Duluth, MN

From Adults

My game improved drastically.
My game improved drastically. I consistently used shots learned from TLC. And the best part, I didn’t even realize I was using them. They came naturally, instinctively. I now have a new appreciation for the game of tennis, and I’m quickly falling in love with it. —David, Kare 11 News producer, Minneapolis, MN
The staff are so nice, so positive, so friendly, such good sports!
The staff at TLC is always a major highlight for me. There are around 35 super young people who are among the best role models I have met. They are so nice, so positive, so friendly, such good players, such good sports. They make me happy to be with them and they encourage me to try to live my life in the same spirit, which I will try to do. Bottom line, we loved our experience. Hopefully we’ll carry forward all that we learned. It will contribute to our being better partners for each other, better parents, and better citizens for this world. —Brook, Edina, MN
After being to camps all over the world, Tony thinks TLC was the most fun!
Tony has been to various camps all over the world and he said TLC was definitely the most fun. He said everyone was so cheerful, both the instructors as well as campers. The atmosphere was simply incredible! All the instructors were SO eager to teach him something new, help him improve his strokes according to his ability, and treat him with such respect. TLC definitely has given him a positive experience and he enjoyed it tremendously. —Jean, Lincoln, NE
The rebuild of my serve last year has saved my back from lots of pain.
It was a great camp experience this year! The trust I have in TLC methods and hard work during last year to implement as much as possible of the recommended changes has paid off and the additions during this camp will keep paying off during the coming year. As I mentioned during camp, the rebuild of my serve last year has saved my back from lots of pain. The further refinements improving my balance should add power and repeatability. There is plenty more to work on in my tennis game, so I’ll be back! —Anders, Eagan, MN
Your instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and know how to teach.
I just want to say that I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED the TLC camp. Your instructors are incredibly knowledgeable! In addition, the LIFE portion is equally valuable. A job well done! I don’t know if I can properly express just how valuable you and your staff are in positively affecting many peoples’ lives. —Ron, Madison, WI

From Parents

Thanks for reinforcing what is important in sports and life.
The tenants of good sportsmanship went into effect the first day we got home. Isabelle played in a golf tournament on Monday morning. A girl in her pairing was noticeably inexperienced in tournament play and found herself forgetting her score a number of times and possibly recording some wrong scores in her favor. I followed the round and asked Isabelle afterwards whether this had bothered her. She reminded me that she was not in a position to challenge her opponent (and now new friend) about her score. She was merely trying to follow her own round and enjoyed a good morning. What else can be said? Thanks again for reinforcing what is important in sports and life. We all have a lot to learn and practice! —Marie, Edina, MN
Even as a non-participant i had such a powerful experience at TLC.
My intent, when registering Hannah (age 10) and myself for family camp, was to introduce her to camp so that she would be confident coming alone next year. Because I had surgery a few weeks ago and was unable to play, I didn’t expect, as a non-participant, to have any personal gain, let alone have such a powerful experience at TLC. It is such a compassionate and inclusive environment; I wish that I had found you sooner. —Teri, Hudson, WI
TLC was one of the most memorable family experiences for all of us.
We returned from our first TLC experience yesterday and feel equally exhausted and energized at the same time. What a terrific program and talented group of instructors! We’ve been to Disney, Sanibel Island, Mt Rushmore, etc. and I would say this was one of the most memorable family experiences for all of us. We plan to come back next year! We learned a lot about life, attitude, sportsmanship, and of course tennis. Thank You! —Todd, Kim, Tayler, & Lauren, Onalaska, WI

From Coaches

TLC brings people together to grow in tennis, compassion, and love!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all you give and all you do! TLC is truly a meaningful experience that brings people together to grow in tennis, compassion, and LOVE! Please know how VERY MUCH what you do is appreciated by all the campers that you see over the course of the summer. —Joe and Cindy, High school coaches, Aitkin, MN
Formerly skeptical coach now would send any kid he knows to TLC.
This past summer, a parent, who has been a high school head coach in a different sport for 15 years, told me he now believes in TLC. But before his daughter came to camp at the beginning of the summer, he thought that sports camps did not really add anything to a person’s life. He thought they were a waste of a participant’s time and a person’s money, and he has coached at many camps himself. But after his daughter returned home he saw that her whole attitude toward life had changed. She ended up coming back to TLC for the last camp of the summer, and I saw during camp what he meant, because she was like a new person. Her game had improved dramatically, yes, but that is not what her father or I truly cared about. Her attitude toward life and those around her had transformed into one of looking out for others, seeing the best in them, and seeing the best in herself. Her father, upon picking her up a second time, said he would send any kid he knows to TLC, even if they don’t play tennis. —Neal, TLC Director
Teaching at TLC has impacted my grandparents and me amazingly!
I want to thank you again for the absolutely amazing summer you have given to me. There are so many skills that I’ve learned here that I am certain will transfer over to whatever I do with my life. I met so many people here that have truly inspired me.
Being a part of Tennis and Life Camps has also meant a great deal to my grandparents. When they came to the final program for one of the camps and listened to the story of Karen Gibbs and the Three Crowns, it immediately allowed them to see their challenging situation in a new perspective. This was the first time in my life that I’ve ever seen my grandpa tear up. It was such a powerful moment we all shared as a family. Whenever I go back home and visit them, they always want to know about the camp. I am so pleased to see them act so giddy about my whole summer and to know how proud they are of me. My grandpa almost fell over with excitement when I gave him my first “Instructor of the Day” certificate! —Peter, 1st year TLC instructor