Tennis & Life Camps

TLC offers two types of discounts, but they cannot be combined; anyone claiming the early registration discount cannot receive a group discount. Please decide, prior to registration, which discount you will be seeking. Campers electing to register with a $100 deposit do not qualify for discounts. All discounts are based on the full camp price ($595).

Choice One: Early Registration Discount

Camp price reduced to $545 ($50 savings) if registered on or before February 28. Registration must be paid in full at the time of registration.


Choice Two: Group Discounts (All group members must attend the same camp)

NEW FOR 2018: Group discounts will apply for groups of 17 or more only. $70 discount for groups of 17 or more, and $80 for groups of 25 or more.

WHY DID THIS CHANGE?: So many campers have been registering before the early registration deadline that the majority of group discounts did not apply, as they were equal to or less than the early registration discount.

You must attend the same camp with your group to get the discount. Full payment required to get a discount. Remember, discounts cannot be combined.

Reservations for your group may be made with David at