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Former TLC Instructors Win National Husband/Wife Title

Josh Heiden, a Gustavus All American, and Christin Tiegs, a St. Benedict All American, met and taught together at Tennis and Life Camps in 2003. A summer romance developed into marriage. Using the principles they learned at TLC, Josh and Christin won the USTA National Husband/Wife Hardcourt title in the 2010 summer.

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Trevor Jahn, a Great Story of Sportsmanship

Trevor Jahn, a cross-country runner from Orono High School, had trained hard for the last five years. Now he was a senior, competing in the sectional meet in Willmar in late October 2010. Trevor’s goal was to qualify for state, and this was his last chance.

As Trevor neared the finish line his goal was in sight. He was among the top ten runners and could have qualified for state. Then it happened. A freshman runner from Hutchinson fell and went off the course. Instead of passing him by, Trevor stopped and helped him to his feet. They finished the race together, but Trevor had sacrificed 20-plus spots and the chance to qualify for state.

Bucky Mieras, Activities Director at Orono HS, wrote, “I have known TJ since sixth grade and have seen this young man lead his life as a person of character. Trevor has never once put his own goals above the team’s goals. As a leader in our school, Trevor has always helped the underdog and has supported what is right. Trevor truly believes that anyone else would have done the same thing. My response is then why didn’t the others that passed you stop?

These are the stories and moments we need to focus on. Twenty years from now nobody will remember who qualified for state. They will remember the great act of character and sportsmanship that Trevor demonstrated.”

Trevor’s mom said, “It’s the proudest I’ve ever been of my son.” Trevor’s father sent the following note to Tennis and Life Camps, which Trevor had attended for several summers as he developed his tennis skills. “I thought that you might want to hear about this story, because it truly is related to many of the things our son learned while he attended your tennis camps…

We are so proud of him, but also wanted to let you know how much he learned at your tennis camp, and obviously he has carried those life-long lessons forward.”