Mission Statement: Tennis & Life Camps

Transforming tennis and life through the Three Crowns • Positive Attitude • Full Effort • Good Sportsmanship ℠ 

Develop in tennis players, of all ages and abilities, improved tennis skills and an enriched approach to life.

The THREE CROWNSSM Program teaches:

· Attitude
· Effort
· Sportsmanship

Total Tennis

Share TOTAL TENNIS by simplifying instruction, adjusting the degree of difficulty, emphasizing positive feedback, and including the following aspects of YOU in our teaching approach.

Improve the PHYSICAL YOU by teaching nutrition for sports, conditioning, and injury prevention.

Enhance the MECHANICAL YOU with individual help from experienced pros on the strokes of your choice.

Promote the THINKING YOU by teaching strategies that are adjusted to various levels of tennis play.

Emphasize the RELATING YOU by encouraging a deeper look at one’s sportsmanship and relationships with others, both on and off the court, and providing concrete tools to make changes.

Develop the INNER YOU by teaching values and methods that improve concentration, relaxation, confidence, centeredness, and fulfillment in life.